I’m so thankful that I chose to have my web site built with Digital and Technology Services

Due to my lack of knowledge and understanding of Website design & maintenance, I was very concerned about finding the right company to work with. I did a lot of searching and found myself contacting Digital and Technology Services. My contact with Serge Sanle has proved crucial in my feeling confident; the communication has been consistent, educational and friendly. I am delighted with the final result and am now the proud owner of a website that looks professional, is user friendly and is very functional.

Serge Sanle ensured that the website development moved at the right speed for me and I felt comfortable and positive about the whole process. A huge Thank You to Serge Sanle for his professional input, for taking the lead and directing me in accomplishing my goals and fulfilling my company’s need for a competitive website. It has been a pleasure from the start.

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