Glasgow Go Dating is a dating and relationships startup located in Glasgow, Scotland, UK (United Kingdom). The idea is to help improve dating and reationship and sex life through self-improvement health and opening your mind to different perspectives.

Project Analysis – Brief

Our client wanted the website to become most popular dating blog and website in the UK, allow users to do fast and efficient connections, make it safe for users, monetise the product and grow the user database.

Our Solution

According to the business objective and the user needs the team managed to find specific solutions focusing on the benefit of both client and users and enhancing the design possibilities. The Web site was built using WordPress CMS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, CSS. WordPress to enable the team to update and edit their website with ease. The Web site, therefore, displays perfectly on a wide range of devices, from mobiles to tablets to large screen desktop monitors.

I partnered with Won Connect CIC to design our website. I found them incredibly helpful and patient as I really didn’t know what I wanted. Serge met with me on numerous occasions and I found the whole process a great experience. I ended up with a website I loved. I would definitely recommend Won Connect CIC.


Shauna Madden – Owner

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